Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Got a New Mac Daddy

Well it's official, I finally got the laptop computer that my sister wanted me to get. She even picked it out for me and delivered it with relish. Now I can get down to some real blogging, as soon as I get it all set-up, which I can't figure out myself so our computer guru Jim is doing it. Hope to get it back in a few days and then ....let the games begin. No more of this dumb desk top stuff for me, I'm free to be witty anywhere. I'll be one of those repulisive people in the airport security line removing my MAC from it's soft carrot orange case so everyone can see I have a really cool computer. Krys already had to point out my MAC was better than hers because it has some new tricks on it. My life would be so boring without my sis Krys keeping my in the now. But I still refuse to tweet.

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