Saturday, November 7, 2009

Good Chair Hair

Sometimes getting your hair done is the best pick me up in the world, but only if you like it before you get out of the salon chair.  Today was a good chair day.  The only thing that's grey right now  is the weather.  Shopping afterwards is so much more fun when you look in the dressing room mirror and you notice your hair first instead of your other ass-ets.  

Monday, October 26, 2009

Crow School

Classes are filling up fast so hurry and sign up.  Here is the list of  the classes still available.  

Dr. Crow.lee’s

School of Bird Brains

(Must be Cawcasion to qualify)

…Peckology …

“Learn who not to peck on”

“Not all Peckers are the same”



“Caw Please”



“Crows feet are beautiful”



“Why Do Scarecrows Scare”



“See with a birds eye view”


P.H.D. Guaranteed or your corn back



“Specializing in corn removal”



“The Mystery of Bird Brains”





Friday, September 25, 2009

Not a Good Blogger

This is a bridge across the Rhine River that we walked across each day and it's chain link fencing is being covered with locks.  We referred to it as locks of love.  I guess couples put their names or initials with a date on them committing their undying love to each other. Then they throw the key in the water I think.  It did look in some spots like someone was marking their conquests.  
Some good German beer.  
Not so good food.  Lot's of wiener art, but not what your thinking.

I finally realized that blogging takes some commitment.  Can't use my excuse about not having a laptop so I could blog whenever I wanted to anymore. Who has time for all of this Facebook, Twitter, blogging stuff.  It takes forever just reading what everyone else is writing.    Maybe it's because I just don't have a whole lot to say.  Why is it some bloggers make it look so easy even a child could do it.  But most of what you do read is not above grad school level so I feel pretty confident that I'm not writing above anyones head.

I did just get back from Germany and have a couple very cool pictures I took of the culture.  Meaning beer and wiener art.  

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

You Sure Got Purty Teeth

I'm sure you've seen those ads online showing how Becky got amazing results by using not one but two different teeth whiteners back to back.  The before and after pictures are photo shop amazing.  So hey a 30 day free trial and I'm in like Flint.  What a scam.  Two weeks after getting my free trial I get another shipment.  Huh, they must have double shipped me by mistake, I'll just "Return To Sender".  Nightmare begins.  I have now been dealing with internet fraud and packages coming in the mail all the way from China shipping me supplements, skin products, green tea stuff and who knows what else because I finally figured out that you can't open anything unless you want to pay return postage.  Getting a postage lesson from the post mistress is mind numbing!  What lesson did I learn from this mistake?  Purty teeth are expensive no matter how much you spend.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Somedays are Just Witless

We're designing our new Spring 2010 baby line and it's time to come up with some cute wit for our new items soooo the pressures on, time to earn my creative keep. But problem... nothing happening in that part of my brain right now.  I thought maybe I should join the witless protection agency and see who's got something good they may be hiding. A couple glasses of wine sometimes can get things going but I may have to just go straight to the hard liquor instead.   

Monday, August 24, 2009

Blonde, Bald and Orange

I understand the baldness and the blondeness, but we are still wondering where that orange mop came from.  We love it, it fits Grady's personality to a T. Now it's a waiting game to see if that little bit of fuzz on Marleys head which has just a smidgen of peach in it will be blonde or red.  

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Eating an Apple

Tiny bites are hard to do when you really want to just is take a chomp. My Mac Pro is as pretty as a shiny new silver apple but it's very hard to eat.  Soooo.... it's time to take some classes from the Apple kids.  This should be very enlightening.  

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Got a New Mac Daddy

Well it's official, I finally got the laptop computer that my sister wanted me to get. She even picked it out for me and delivered it with relish. Now I can get down to some real blogging, as soon as I get it all set-up, which I can't figure out myself so our computer guru Jim is doing it. Hope to get it back in a few days and then ....let the games begin. No more of this dumb desk top stuff for me, I'm free to be witty anywhere. I'll be one of those repulisive people in the airport security line removing my MAC from it's soft carrot orange case so everyone can see I have a really cool computer. Krys already had to point out my MAC was better than hers because it has some new tricks on it. My life would be so boring without my sis Krys keeping my in the now. But I still refuse to tweet.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

G- Force with my G man

Just to let you know I have seen G-Force and I think the G must stand for god awful. But then it wasn't made for me. Grady loved it and that says it all. Halfway through the movie the shoes came off and he was comfy indeed. The remarkable part was we didn't have to go to the bathroom once during the movie which Grad reminded me of as soon as we got the shoes back on.

Then we were off to the beach to make smores. Did you know that if you place the chocolate inside the marshmallow before you toast it it's so much better. We were so good at toasting we didn't lose a single marshmallow. But most of it did end up on his face.

Here's a little tale I wrote that I hope to get illustrated so we can publish next year. Grady thought it was pretty good.

Fishy Tale

Once upon a line
I tied a piece of cheese,
When along came a mousefish,
And nibbled as you please.

Well the next thing ya know,
A Catfish comes along.
That poor little mousefish
Never heard the dinner gong.

While Catfish licked her whiskers,
Pleased as fruity punch.
Along came a dogfish,
Catfish was his lunch.

Then I saw that dogfish
Turn to chase his tail.
While swimming round in circles,
He didn’t see the whale.

I’m sure you just might think,
How this fishy tale will end.
But what happened next
Is hard to comprehend.

The whale opened wide
and the dogfish gave a
But no one was around
That would give him any help.

But then the big whale yawned,
And said with a toothy grin.
“Don’t worry little dogfish,
I’m a v e g e t a r i a n.”

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It's Toastyday

What's today? not Tuesday it's now toastyday. Tomorrow will be toastyerday. Love it! Only problem is my room at work is so friggin warm I can't think of anything else but "I'm hot". My dog Bee is even hotter. She's laying on my floor like a beached Beagle. But work must go on so my project for the day is coming up with some cute wit for our new Spring 2010 line. One collection that will be really fun is our new garden group. Here's a little ditty I wrote about a family of mixed vegetables that might be a cute story for this group.


A Family of Mixed Vegetables

My momma is a carrot,
My poppa is a pea.
They go together nicely,
Most everyone agrees.

My folks named me Medley
Because I’m quit a mix.
My bodies green and round,
My legs are carrot sticks.

I have a little brother
Who looks just like my dad.
Peaty wants to be a dancer,
We think that’s just a fad.

My sister, Carratina
Is tall and orange like mom.
The rutabagas voted her,
Queen of the Carrot Prom.

So that’s my mixed up family,
Yes it’s strange, we do agree.
But’s it’s peas and love that made us,
Peaty, Carritina and me ...Medley.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Monday's Are Now Grad-Days

Mondays are now Grady days until school starts so I won't be posting until quiet Tuesdays. What I mean by this is that I have my grandson Grady on Mondays, he's five and full of everything a boy with red hair (he calls orange) could have. In a matter of a few hours we have colored in his Star Wars coloring book, eaten 3 bananas, dragged Bee (my beagle) around the workshop, discovered we have a ant problem, beach combed for sea gwass (glass) and agates, watched Seagulls chase the Eagles from their nests, ate two nectarines and a bag of blueberries, washed the sea gwass and rocks until they sparkled, got soaking wet doing this and now we are in our Scooby Doo Underroos for the rest of the day, which makes it so much easier to drop trou and Pee off the deck several times a day.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Birds Do It

Flighty Friends

My Flighty Friends
Are busy as can bee,
Building a nest
In my patio tree.

Chirping and singing
Through out the day.
They never run out
Oh tweets to say.

Working day and night
Carrying mud and sticks,
Momma finally tells poppa
“It’s time to make chicks”.

Together they hop
Into their love nest.
Excited to start
The fun feathered fest.

In minutes it seems
Are four lovely eggs,
Keeping them warm
Beneath their bird leggs.

Then before I knew it
I heard “cheep cheep cheep”.
Now momma and poppa
Never eat or sleep.

They fly back and forth
Bringing worms and bugs.
They never have time
For pecks or hugs.

"Cheep Cheep Cheep"
The babies do cry
“Feed us feed us
So we can fly”.

Then it happened one day
I heard not a peep.
The babies flew the coop,
Now we all can sleep.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Passion and Sleep

I have two wonderfully talented sisters. Each of them is truly unique. It's hard to compete, so I don't. They both create cool stuff. I keep thinkin I'll get a sign someday of what my true talent is. God knows my sister Krys has tried giving me the sign whenever she can. Hasn't happened yet but I'm totally optimistic. Maybe it will hit me when I am teeing off, or walking my Beagle Bee on the beach. I just can't imagine what it would be like to have so much passion about something that you'd wake up in the middle of the night all jazzed and excited about making a necklace and actually do it. Seems like a lot of work to me plus I really like to sleep.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My tale of the day is to write a little story about a momma and daddy bird who have built a nest inside my flower pot on my deck. The babies have hatched and they are busily feeding them. Mom goes about her work and doesn't really care if you hang out there on the deck and watch, she'll even hop on the table and grab a few bread crumbs. Dad is another story. He's pretty uptight and can't seem to relax. I think it may be all the hit's he received to his head after flying into the window dozens of times when they were building the nest. I finally couldn't watch anymore but you'd hear him. If birds swear I'm sure he was chirpng a blue streak.

Anyway my sister Krys has a bird theme going on right now and wants some material she can use for the shop so it's time to get witty.
Some might think an old birdhouse was junk
but to me and my chickadees we love it!

What is a treasure?

Please do remember
When you find a treasure
It’s not about money
But what gives you pleasure.