Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Fishy Tale, Indeed!



Fishy Tale


Once upon a line

I tied a piece of cheese,

When along came a mousefish,

And nibbled as you please.


Well the next thing I know,

A Catfish comes along.

That poor little Mousefish

Never heard the dinner gong.


While Catfish licked her whiskers,

Pleased as fruity punch.

Along came a Dogfish,


 Catfish was his lunch.


Then I saw that Dogfish

Turn to chase his tail.

While swimming round in circles,

He didnt see the whale.


Im sure you just might think,

How this fishy tale will end.

But what happened next

Is hard to comprehend.


The whale opened wide

and the Dogfish gave a


But no one was around

That would give him any help.


But then the big whale yawned

And said with a toothy grin.

Dont worry little Dogfish,

Im a  v e g e t a r i a n.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Give Peas a Chance

Have you ever seen a round pea square dance?
Nope, cuz no one will give him a fiddlers chance.
He's short and round and has no knees,
But he sure would like a dance...pretty pleeeze?

Why he'll swing his partner and doesi doe,
He don't have no arms but who's to know.
He'll rock and roll around your plate,
And say " Excuse me mam I don't mean to be ate".

You see he'd just like to take a spin
Around your dish and back again.
We know he can't do a fancy two step,
But he can bounce, he's good at Giddy Up!

So if you wish to have a dance
Please just give him a second glance.
He'll be there waitin without boots or pants
Hollering real loud ...GIVE PEAS A CHANCE!