Monday, June 28, 2010

Give Peas a Chance

Have you ever seen a round pea square dance?
Nope, cuz no one will give him a fiddlers chance.
He's short and round and has no knees,
But he sure would like a dance...pretty pleeeze?

Why he'll swing his partner and doesi doe,
He don't have no arms but who's to know.
He'll rock and roll around your plate,
And say " Excuse me mam I don't mean to be ate".

You see he'd just like to take a spin
Around your dish and back again.
We know he can't do a fancy two step,
But he can bounce, he's good at Giddy Up!

So if you wish to have a dance
Please just give him a second glance.
He'll be there waitin without boots or pants
Hollering real loud ...GIVE PEAS A CHANCE!

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