Friday, September 25, 2009

Not a Good Blogger

This is a bridge across the Rhine River that we walked across each day and it's chain link fencing is being covered with locks.  We referred to it as locks of love.  I guess couples put their names or initials with a date on them committing their undying love to each other. Then they throw the key in the water I think.  It did look in some spots like someone was marking their conquests.  
Some good German beer.  
Not so good food.  Lot's of wiener art, but not what your thinking.

I finally realized that blogging takes some commitment.  Can't use my excuse about not having a laptop so I could blog whenever I wanted to anymore. Who has time for all of this Facebook, Twitter, blogging stuff.  It takes forever just reading what everyone else is writing.    Maybe it's because I just don't have a whole lot to say.  Why is it some bloggers make it look so easy even a child could do it.  But most of what you do read is not above grad school level so I feel pretty confident that I'm not writing above anyones head.

I did just get back from Germany and have a couple very cool pictures I took of the culture.  Meaning beer and wiener art.  

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