Tuesday, September 1, 2009

You Sure Got Purty Teeth

I'm sure you've seen those ads online showing how Becky got amazing results by using not one but two different teeth whiteners back to back.  The before and after pictures are photo shop amazing.  So hey a 30 day free trial and I'm in like Flint.  What a scam.  Two weeks after getting my free trial I get another shipment.  Huh, they must have double shipped me by mistake, I'll just "Return To Sender".  Nightmare begins.  I have now been dealing with internet fraud and packages coming in the mail all the way from China shipping me supplements, skin products, green tea stuff and who knows what else because I finally figured out that you can't open anything unless you want to pay return postage.  Getting a postage lesson from the post mistress is mind numbing!  What lesson did I learn from this mistake?  Purty teeth are expensive no matter how much you spend.

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