Friday, July 17, 2009

Birds Do It

Flighty Friends

My Flighty Friends
Are busy as can bee,
Building a nest
In my patio tree.

Chirping and singing
Through out the day.
They never run out
Oh tweets to say.

Working day and night
Carrying mud and sticks,
Momma finally tells poppa
“It’s time to make chicks”.

Together they hop
Into their love nest.
Excited to start
The fun feathered fest.

In minutes it seems
Are four lovely eggs,
Keeping them warm
Beneath their bird leggs.

Then before I knew it
I heard “cheep cheep cheep”.
Now momma and poppa
Never eat or sleep.

They fly back and forth
Bringing worms and bugs.
They never have time
For pecks or hugs.

"Cheep Cheep Cheep"
The babies do cry
“Feed us feed us
So we can fly”.

Then it happened one day
I heard not a peep.
The babies flew the coop,
Now we all can sleep.