Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My tale of the day is to write a little story about a momma and daddy bird who have built a nest inside my flower pot on my deck. The babies have hatched and they are busily feeding them. Mom goes about her work and doesn't really care if you hang out there on the deck and watch, she'll even hop on the table and grab a few bread crumbs. Dad is another story. He's pretty uptight and can't seem to relax. I think it may be all the hit's he received to his head after flying into the window dozens of times when they were building the nest. I finally couldn't watch anymore but you'd hear him. If birds swear I'm sure he was chirpng a blue streak.

Anyway my sister Krys has a bird theme going on right now and wants some material she can use for the shop so it's time to get witty.

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