Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It's Toastyday

What's today? not Tuesday it's now toastyday. Tomorrow will be toastyerday. Love it! Only problem is my room at work is so friggin warm I can't think of anything else but "I'm hot". My dog Bee is even hotter. She's laying on my floor like a beached Beagle. But work must go on so my project for the day is coming up with some cute wit for our new Spring 2010 line. One collection that will be really fun is our new garden group. Here's a little ditty I wrote about a family of mixed vegetables that might be a cute story for this group.


A Family of Mixed Vegetables

My momma is a carrot,
My poppa is a pea.
They go together nicely,
Most everyone agrees.

My folks named me Medley
Because I’m quit a mix.
My bodies green and round,
My legs are carrot sticks.

I have a little brother
Who looks just like my dad.
Peaty wants to be a dancer,
We think that’s just a fad.

My sister, Carratina
Is tall and orange like mom.
The rutabagas voted her,
Queen of the Carrot Prom.

So that’s my mixed up family,
Yes it’s strange, we do agree.
But’s it’s peas and love that made us,
Peaty, Carritina and me ...Medley.

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