Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Monday's Are Now Grad-Days

Mondays are now Grady days until school starts so I won't be posting until quiet Tuesdays. What I mean by this is that I have my grandson Grady on Mondays, he's five and full of everything a boy with red hair (he calls orange) could have. In a matter of a few hours we have colored in his Star Wars coloring book, eaten 3 bananas, dragged Bee (my beagle) around the workshop, discovered we have a ant problem, beach combed for sea gwass (glass) and agates, watched Seagulls chase the Eagles from their nests, ate two nectarines and a bag of blueberries, washed the sea gwass and rocks until they sparkled, got soaking wet doing this and now we are in our Scooby Doo Underroos for the rest of the day, which makes it so much easier to drop trou and Pee off the deck several times a day.


  1. Mother of three boys, now grown! I laughed when I read this.
    Caught you commenting at Jeanne's today. She's amazing isn't she?!
    Have fun with that boy.

  2. I'm a mom of three grown boys too. Yes Jeanne stuff is so cool. I hope you can see her art in person someday because it's so textured. I love your art/wit, it's all about bringing a smile. Grady and I went to the beach yesterday, gave everyone here at work a break.